Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery operations and associated Litigation can be complex and resource intensive. We ensure that they are managed effectively and efficiently by sourcing, integrating and coordinating the appropriate combination of legal, communications and operational activity.

Applying tried and tested principles, we help clients and their advisers design the overall campaign plan, develop and execute the supporting strategies and simplify the process, coordinating all lines of activity to ensure the right balance of capability and focus is maintained throughout.

We adopt a fully flexible approach and can either work directly to the client and their advisers, or join an existing team to provide a discrete capability.  Our aim is to build an enduring trusted relationship with our clients and we approach each project with this long term view in mind.

Legal.  Complex cases often require multiple legal specialisations in different jurisdictions at different times, and these will change throughout the duration of the project.  We support our clients by:

  • Contributing to the development of the legal strategy;
  • Ensuring that our clients have access to the most appropriate legal support at all times;
  • Integrating legal action with other lines of activity in support of the overall campaign plan.

Communications.  Whether managing publicity or shaping perceptions, we provide the correct balance of communications activity through our network of specialist agencies. Fully integrated with legal action, the communications activity will shape the environment to achieve a favourable outcome by:

  • Creating positive public opinion for our clients and negative public opinion for their opponents;
  • Creating the conditions for discretionary decisions in favour of our clients;
  • Reinforcing our clients’ support base and isolating the other side from theirs.

OperationalSound decision making requires timely, accurate and useable intelligence and successful recovery often depends on swift deployment of specialist assets.  We support our clients by:

  • Providing multi-source intelligence in support of legal action, communications activity and asset tracing and recovery operations.
  • Confirming the existence, type and location of assets and suitability for recovery;
  • Sourcing and managing the appropriate capability to repossess property or recover moveable assets.

Ensuring our clients’ safety, security and privacy is a key part of our service.  Throughout the duration of the project, and beyond, we will provide protective services to safeguard people, information and assets.

For Clients & Advisers

Single point of contact for campaign planning, operational delivery and project management

For Law Firms

Actionable intelligence and integrated operational and communications support

For Third Party Funders

Coordination and integration of all lines of activity to ensure efficient and effective delivery

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