Information Campaign Management

Effective preparation and management of the operational environment is critical to establish the conditions for success, particularly in complex, contentious and occasionally multi-jurisdictional cases.  All words and actions must be coordinated as part of an overall strategy to ensure that they are mutually supporting and achieve maximum effect.

Building on many years of experience, we deliver this through a coordinated information campaign which comprises a mix of media activity, key influencer engagement and where appropriate diplomatic and/or political pressure.  This is supported by intelligence gathering that provides information to be used as leverage in support of legal action and communications activity.  The objective is to build and reinforce the client’s support base and weaken and reduce that of the other side.

Public Profile.  Managing the public profile is critical, both actively in the client’s interests or countering the activity of the opposition.  This will often require an international media campaign and we work with specialist PR and strategic communications agencies to plan, manage and deliver coordinated communications activity that is focussed on, and culturally attuned to, the jurisdiction in question.  This is supported by on-line activity utilising multiple delivery means and time zones to best advantage.

  • Mainstream print and broadcast media;
  • Online, social media and blogs;
  • Goodwill building.

Influencer Programme.  Identifying the key influencers on both sides is critical to building the client’s support base and reducing the opposition’s.  We will conduct a comprehensive mapping and outreach programme to understand those who are friendly, neutral or hostile and determine how best to engage with them.

  • Influencer mapping;
  • Outreach programme;
  • Third party endorsers.

Intelligence & Monitoring.  Effective decision making requires timely, accurate and actionable intelligence.  The vulnerabilities of the client need to be identified in order to protect and those of the opposition identified in order to exploit.  The effects of all activity must be monitored in order to reinforce or adjust as necessary.  Our global network of monitors and intelligence providers ensure that we have timely, accurate and useable information.

  • Intelligence gathering;
  • Social media mapping, deep and dark web interrogation, on-line open source investigations;
  • Mainstream and social media and blog monitoring.


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