Private Clients

Charles Lucas provides a range of services for private clients and their advisers.  We understand that every client and set of circumstances is different and that each requires an individually tailored approach that is both effective and unobtrusive. We help clients identify their vulnerabilities, understand their options and using our extensive network of multi-disciplinary international associates, we source and manage the correct capability and construct appropriate solutions.

Threats to individuals and their families can be personal and frightening.  We work closely with clients, their advisers and Family Offices to ensure that our solutions are appropriate, discreet and complement existing capability.  We believe that prevention is always better than cure and where possible we will advise on and put in place protective and preventative measures to avoid problems in the first place.

Advisory.  Our consultants are experienced in delivering top level counsel to principals and senior decision makers to help them identify and manage risk in complex environments.   Whether planning future activity or reacting to unforeseen events we provide our clients with informed objective advice and support including:

  • Complex case planning and management;
  • Risk and vulnerability analyses;
  • Crisis response.

Support.  Building on sound analysis and comprehensive threat assessment we provide our clients with a range of security solutions to protect people, assets, information and reputation to ensure personal safety and privacy and where necessary maintain commercial advantage including:

  • VIP escorts, close protection, reputation management, on-line protection including from extortion, cyber-bullying, social engineering and identity theft;
  • Residential and commercial buildings security, superyacht security, asset protection and recovery;
  • Information and communications security including encrypted communications networks.

Intelligence.  Effective decision making requires timely, accurate and actionable intelligence.  We use the high level access and investigative skills of our global network of specialist intelligence providers to ensure that our clients have the information they need, in a format they can use at the time they need it:

  • Business intelligence and high-level strategic insight;
  • Social network mapping, deep and dark web interrogation, on-line open source investigations;
  • Complex investigations in support of asset recovery and litigation support.


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