Resilience Planning

Incidents will happen.  The way they are managed will determine whether or not they become crises.  Organisations that are prepared for, successfully manage, and importantly are seen to manage, incidents swiftly and effectively can turn potentially damaging events to their advantage.

A robust Incident Management capability provides stakeholder assurance and confidence which builds the goodwill essential to the successful management of any incident that attracts public attention.  It shows regulatory compliance, establishes a framework for unified and integrated response and provides an audit trail to validate decisions and actions in any subsequent enquiry.

We apply our experience and expertise in Incident Management planning and capability development to enable our clients to coordinate effort and align resources to achieve an effective and cost efficient IM capability that supports Organisational Resilience and enhances reputation and shareholder value

CapabilityWe help organisations review and verify their current capabilities and identify critical risks and vulnerabilities.  We establish thresholds and reporting processes that enable clear and timely communication and decision making, enabling staff at all levels to identify and report potential problems before they occur.  We develop appropriate response plans with defined areas of jurisdiction, roles and responsibilities which coordinate operational, legal and communications responses.  This helps our clients:

  • Swiftly identify, recognise, alert and react to potential problems
  • Successfully prevent, mitigate or manage them when they do occur
  • If necessary, recover afterwards

Delivery. Working to ISO 22316:2017 resilience guidance, and international risk and crisis management standards, we help design simple procedures and decision support tools that allow senior decision makers to concentrate on managing the incident and not on managing the process.  This ensures:

  • Coordination of operational, legal and communications activity
  • Integration of Incident Management activity with routine ‘business as usual’
  • Coordination with business continuity and disaster recovery plans and external agencies

Validation.  A plan is only as good as its execution and we help organisations ensure that their IM capability remains relevant and fit for purpose by conducting:

  • Technical rehearsals to validate structures, processes and procedures
  • Graduated scenario driven exercises ranging from internal desktop training to coordinated exercises with external first responders
  • Continuous induction and review process


Requirement Definition | Capability Review | Risks, Threats & Vulnerabilities Analysis | Stakeholder & Influencer Mapping | Risk Register Development | Mitigation & Response Measures Development | Handbook & Aide Memoir Production | Practical Capability Enhancement |  Multi-plan & Multi-agency coordination |Training, Exercise & Validation Programme | Review & Update Schedule

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