Security, Privacy & Protection Services

We provide a discreet and comprehensive security consultancy service integrating physical, technical, information and communications security measures underpinned by effective technology.

Security must not compromise privacy and all our specialist capability partners are all registered in the United Kingdom and come under UK jurisdiction which provides additional assurance that client privacy will be maintained.  When combined our capabilities provide the ‘complete package’ to protect individuals, property and other assets.  However, when required each can be provided separately to suit the client’s needs.

Headquartered in London, we maintain an international capability through our extensive network of highly experienced consultants all of whom are used to working as part of a coordinated and tightly managed team specifically task-organised for the particular requirement.

Physical Security will always be needed to protect people, property and assets.  We provide a full security consultancy service supported by specialist delivery capability ranging from personal protection to vehicle, yachts and buildings security.  All our associates are trained to the highest level and have a wealth of international experience protecting individuals, families and corporate personnel whether at home, on business or travelling.  In addition, we design, build and install technical security systems for residential and commercial property.

Information Security is nowadays often referred to solely in terms of IT or cyber security.  However, proper information security requires a combination of physical, governance and technical measures to be truly effective.  We can provide a full information and IT security service including ISO 27001/27002 audits, vulnerability assessments and physical and technical penetration testing and if required support in-house security departments in implementing remedial and protective measures.

Communications Security is often neglected and increasingly difficult to maintain.  Real-time intercept of cellphones and commercial SATCOM is a fact of commercial life.  To counter this we provide a simple, easy to use and highly effective secure communications capability that enables cellphone, Satphone, landline and Win10 PC users to exchange sensitive material via voice, data, video and conference calls in complete confidence that private information will remain private.

Technical Surveillance, often referred to as ‘bugging’, is a very real problem and increasingly easy to carry out.  Our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) team have a wealth of experience at the forefront of counter-surveillance capability.  We identify and neutralise unauthorised surveillance devices in buildings, vehicles, aircraft and superyachts and if needed can install a technical ‘citadel’ to ensure continued privacy from eavesdroppers. 


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